Permanent Structure


In contrast to our sales of second hand tents, or the manufacturing of brand new tents – where you choose size and shape; you can also choose to let us participate on the decision making process regarding form, shape and size in order to customize the tent to fit exactly on an area where its installation is required.
  • We do free site visit to assess the area and make a project proposal with a quotation
  • Your project will be assessed and refined by our in-house Architect in order to achieve the best results
  • We take pictures and accurate measurements of the area in order to make a tent that fits precisely on that area.
  • We produce and refine the documentation of conceptual design and detailed construction plan / manufacturing drawing.
  • If necessary we create a 3D Model for your new tent design in order to better illustrate the solution for your approval.
  • Changes can be done to the 3D model until final approval by both yourself and Base Camp.
  • We assess the building and surroundings in order to advise what will be the best tent design according to the desired use. We take into consideration all variables such as weather conditions (sun / rain / wind), view protection, functionality of your new space as well as aesthetical purposes.
  • Positioning of the tent and its structural / functional elements with regards to the building as well as final details for installation will guarantee the best outcome. Our Architect will advise you on that every step of the way.
  • New unique solutions & innovative elements of design can be created by our Architect in order to overcome any possible challenge and make your dream project a reality.
  • Sun / shadow prediction can be done. We will also offer our professional advice on how to best use the area to complement the existing building.
  • Possible anchor points are inspected and determined according to its position on the building and / or building elements. Natural and urban elements can be used as anchor points upon inspection and approval.
  • If any modification to a building element is needed, we will advise on the best way to do so.
  • We can either use new materials, or a second hand tent if you are looking for a more affordable solution.
  • We will advise on the best material to use on installation according to the supplier specifications and structural strength for each individual case.
  • Together with the client we will determine whether the structure is going to be permanent or semi-permanent.
  • Installation & Construction process will be managed and executed by our team.
  • If required, the detailed drawings for Municipality’s approval can be made available.
  • Project will be ready for certification by our Structural Engineer.
  • Advice and training from Base Camp Tents can be provided at an affordable price should you want to learn how to Setup & Breakdown your own tent in the case of a semi – permanent structure.
  • Brand your tent by requesting us to print your logo on it.
  • Our Customer Service representative will call you back and will document all your requirements and requests.
  • Your quotation will be completely personalized to your needs and requirements.
  • Our goal is to ensure that you are always satisfied with our product and service.